How did Punyah Yoga get its name

When the founders of Punyah Yoga decided to open a yoga shala in Rishikesh, they had quite a brainstorming session! What would be the perfect name for the shala? There were many different ideas on the table and weeks went by as they discussed the merits of different options. But when the word “Punyah” was brought up one day, it was immediately seen as the perfect fit.

In India, the word punyah is very common. Most parents will say it to their children every day. When they are going to visit a temple, or do a puja ceremony, or are fasting for a purpose - they will say that they are doing punyah karma. It can also be used while engaging in service, prayer, or charity work.

Punyah is Sanskrit for “Supremely Pure.”

In the end, we decided to name our yoga shala Punyah Yoga so that we can dedicate ourselves to supremely pure yoga practice and eminently pure yoga teachings. We can all aspire to have punyah karma, punyah thoughts, and punyah actions. By naming the shala this way, we strive to be capable to carry the weight of this word.

Here at Punyah Yoga, we all believe in conscious thinking and mindful living. From the organic vegan/vegetarian food we prepare to the design of the yoga shala, we have made conscious efforts so that all who enter the doors of Punyah Yoga feel at home. May you join us here at Punyah Yoga shala, in our clean and spiritual space, and feel the energies we work to instil in this place.