Punyah Yoga Facilities

Punyah Yoga is proud to offer its students and guests Western comforts while receiving authentic ancient eastern teachings in the holy city of Rishikesh. We acknowledge that coming to India can be intimidating. Therefore, we have prioritized making our students at Punyah Yoga feel at home in Rishikesh: both safe and comfortable.

Our yoga shala is newly built in 2019. It is bright, pure, and nearly spotless. We have a western style toilet available, a hand washing sink, and have access to reverse-osmosis treated and filtered water. A rooftop garden and an outdoor picnic table with chairs are available for meals and for relaxation. Additionally, we have our own coffee machine and tea kettle to make coffee and tea for our students during breaks.

For hot Indian summers, we have an air conditioning unit installed in our yoga shala. With multiple fans going too, our students are kept nice and cool during India’s hottest days.

With regards to the accommodation, we are proud to partner with Hotel Devaaya, one of the best hotels in Rishikesh. The hotel is just a five-minute walk from our yoga shala and offers a lovely view of the Ganga from the rooftop. The rooftop is also quite large and is available for any of the guests to use for yoga, meditation, or other purposes. The hotel has a 24/7 security staff and has hot water, wifi, and air conditioning units. Most rooms also have a flat-screen TV.